Tripogram is a graph made on the basis of three investigative questionnaires from Good Friday Experiment by Walter Pahnke - pioneer in the field of sub-objective comprehension tests of psychedelically induced mystical experiences. It allows to measure and graphically represent - however sub-subjective, albeit anywise - psychedelic experience in order to evaluate its completeness in religious-mystical context specified by typology presented in the same Experiment.
As far as possible select one particular experience, this most eminent probably, because resultant of all experiences would overestimate (and/or underestimate) result of your completeness.
Before proceeding, it is good to acquaint with the material Drugs and Mysticism - Good Friday Experiment by Walter Pahnke, and particularly the section Phenomenological Typology of Mystical States of Consciousness, which describes most characteristic features - in context of some objectivity - of mystical-psychede-religious experience.
There is no need to answer all questionnaires, and even all questions at a time. As long as cookies exists, one can go back and continue fulfillment.
Tripogram do not prefer repeated submittings of questionnaires and one may key them in only once.
It doesn't make a sense, perhaps, to accede to questionnaires, if one is expecting to experience most eminent experience yet.
Here you can find the average score of participants of this Internet tripogramming.

You can choose three questionnaires (C, D_II, D_III) and imprint form (X), the latter defines the group of the questioned people. Graph to answers from each filled out questionnaire will be generated and the completeness will be computed for the questionnaire according to assumptions of Experiment. After completing all three questionnaires, fourth summary graph will be generated along with a general completeness computed of three questionnaires. To include results into statistics please fill in the form X before proceeding to experimental questionnaires.

Fill in the form X and choose some questionnaire:
Questionnaire C
Questionnaire D II
Questionnaire D III

First, fill in the form below X

Form X

Professional status
Marital status
Preferred diet
Preferred spiritual diet
Spiritual practice
Preffered addictions
Personality type
Psychonautic experience

Form X has not been filled out, so data from below questionnaires will not be included into statistics.
If you want to enrich the statistics fill in Form X above, please.

D. Follow-up questionnaire section II

Looking back on your Good Friday experience, please rate the degree to which at any time during that day (after the experience began) you experienced the following:
NOTE: In your evaluations of degree please use this rating scale:

5 - Very strongly (more than ever before in my life and stronger than 4)
4 - Strongly (would be equivalent in degree to any previous strong experience or expectation of this description)
3 - Moderately
2 - Slightly
1 - Cannot decide
0 - None, not at all
nrDescription point (with original number from Experiment, not numbering of the chart. Ordinate x of generated chart is numbered by sequent nr, from the first column of this table.)Your rating
clear answers of this quest.
1.   1. Loss of usual time sense012345
2.   2. Loss of usual awareness of where you were012345
3.   3. Certainty of the reality of what was experienced012345
4.   4. Enhanced capacity of mind012345
5.   5. Intensity of your response to the experience012345
6.   6. Totality of your response to the experience012345
7.   7. Sense of having known the universe in its wholeness012345
8.   8. Definite change in your usual state of consciousness012345
9.   9. Suddenness of appearance of various dimensions of consciousness012345
10.   10. Intellectual illumination012345
11.   11. Ecstasy012345
12.   12. Peace012345
13.   13. Happiness012345
14.   14. Sense of presence of what can only be described as nameless012345
15.   15. Sense of sacredness with which you regarded your experience012345
16.   16. Feeling that you could not do justice to your experience by a verbal description012345
17.   17. Certainty of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to "know" and "see" what is really real)012345
18.   18. Loss of your own identity012345
19.   19. Pure awareness beyond any empirical content012345
20.   20. Meaningfulness of your own life012345
21.   21. Rebirth experience012345
22.   22. Awe012345
23.   23. Communion with ultimate reality012345
24.   24. Deep interpersonal relations with other people present012345
25.   25. Loss of feelings of difference from objects012345
26.   26. Eternity012345
27.   27. Gain of insightful knowledge experienced at an intuitive level012345
28.   28. Love (toward one's fellow man as a human being, not of an erotic or sexual nature)012345
29.   29. Delight012345
30.   30. Sense of your own finitude in contrast with the infinite012345
31.   31. Expansion of usual personal consciousness to other dimensions within the self012345
32.   32. Expansion of usual personal consciousness to other dimensions beyond the self012345
33.   33. Fusion of the self into a larger undifferentiated whole012345
34.   34. Spacelessness012345
35.   35. Timelessness012345
36.   36. Feeling of completeness012345
37.   37. Intuitive experience of the essences of objects012345
38.   38. Sense of being grasped and dealt with by the experience012345
39.   39. Joy012345
40.   40. Sense of reverence012345
41.   41. Sense of belonging to a new and greater unity012345
42.   42. Loss of sense of self as a predominantly positive experience012345
43.   43. Loss of sense of self as a predominantly negative experience012345
44.   44. Sense of unity with objects012345
45.   45. Blessedness012345
46.   46. Exaltation012345
47.   47. Freedom from the limitations of the self in connection with a unity or bond with what was felt to be all-encompassing and greater-than-self012345
48.   48. Sense of being at a spiritual height012345
49.   49. Unity with ultimate reality012345
50.   50. Sense of the presence of God012345
51.   51. Love of God or Christ012345
52.   52. Return to your usual state of consciousness the day after the experience012345