Tripogram is a graph made on the basis of three investigative questionnaires from Good Friday Experiment by Walter Pahnke - pioneer in the field of sub-objective comprehension tests of psychedelically induced mystical experiences. It allows to measure and graphically represent - however sub-subjective, albeit anywise - psychedelic experience in order to evaluate its completeness in religious-mystical context specified by typology presented in the same Experiment.
As far as possible select one particular experience, this most eminent probably, because resultant of all experiences would overestimate (and/or underestimate) result of your completeness.
Before proceeding, it is good to acquaint with the material Drugs and Mysticism - Good Friday Experiment by Walter Pahnke, and particularly the section Phenomenological Typology of Mystical States of Consciousness, which describes most characteristic features - in context of some objectivity - of mystical-psychede-religious experience.
There is no need to answer all questionnaires, and even all questions at a time. As long as cookies exists, one can go back and continue fulfillment.
Tripogram do not prefer repeated submittings of questionnaires and one may key them in only once.
It doesn't make a sense, perhaps, to accede to questionnaires, if one is expecting to experience most eminent experience yet.
Here you can find the average score of participants of this Internet tripogramming.

You can choose three questionnaires (C, D_II, D_III) and imprint form (X), the latter defines the group of the questioned people. Graph to answers from each filled out questionnaire will be generated and the completeness will be computed for the questionnaire according to assumptions of Experiment. After completing all three questionnaires, fourth summary graph will be generated along with a general completeness computed of three questionnaires. To include results into statistics please fill in the form X before proceeding to experimental questionnaires.

Fill in the form X and choose some questionnaire:
Questionnaire C
Questionnaire D II
Questionnaire D III

First, fill in the form below X

Form X

Professional status
Marital status
Preferred diet
Preferred spiritual diet
Spiritual practice
Preffered addictions
Personality type
Psychonautic experience

Form X has not been filled out, so data from below questionnaires will not be included into statistics.
If you want to enrich the statistics fill in Form X above, please.

C. Post-drug Questionnaire

Please evaluate the following items in regard to your own experience in the psilocybin experiment. Rate each descriptive unit according to the following scale:

5 - Very strongly (more than ever before in my life and stronger than 4)
4 - Strongly (would be equivalent in degree to any previous strong experience or expectation of this description)
3 - Moderately
2 - Slightly
1 - Cannot decide
0 - None, not at all
nrDescription point (with original number from Experiment, not numbering of the chart. Ordinate x of generated chart is numbered by sequent nr, from the first column of this table.)Your rating
clear answers of this quest.
1.   1. Seeing symbolic meanings of things012345
2.   2. Feeling of unity with your group012345
3.   3. Sense of the preciousness of life012345
4.   4. Feeling of being very wise, knowing everything012345
5.   5. Terror or fear012345
6.   6. Sense of finitude012345
7.   7. Sense of wonder012345
8.   8. Panic012345
9.   9. Lose of self012345
10.   10. Easy understanding of the feelings of others012345
11.   11. Concern and preoccupation with other people coming and leaving the room012345
12.   12. Being able to operate on several levels at once012345
13.   13. Sense of humility012345
14.   14. Sense of well being012345
15.   15. Fear of losing control012345
16.   16. Seeing a light which appeared to have no naturally explainable source012345
17.   17. Feeling that you were going to die during the experience012345
18.   18. Sense of having known the universe in its wholeness012345
19.   19. General sense of sin012345
20.   20. Conviction of certain specific sins in your life012345
21.   21. Sense of forgiveness or cleansing012345
22.   22. Sense of loneliness or aloneness012345
23.   23. Sense of ultimate goodness as the basis of reality012345
24.   24. Intuitive knowledge of your immortality012345
25.   25. Sense of judgment on your life012345
26.   26. Appearance of various levels of consciousness012345
27.   27. Suddenness of appearance of various levels of consciousness012345
28.   28. Suddenness of disappearance of various levels of consciousness012345
29.   29. Stability of level of consciousness during the experience012345
30.   30. Transciency of duration of deepest levels012345
31.   31. Transciency of duration of levels other that the deepest012345
32.   32. Permanence of new levels of consciousness po the experience012345
33.   33. Sense of certainty or conviction of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to "know" and "see" what is really real)012345
34.   34. Sense of certainty or conviction of encounter with ultimate reality now (in looking back)012345
35.   35. Sense that what was encountered was not real at the time of the experience012345
36.   36. Sense that what was encountered was not real now (in looking back)012345
37.   37. Intensity of the response to ultimate reality012345
38.   38. Totality of the response to ultimate reality012345
39.   39. Exaltation012345
40.   40. Depression012345
41.   41. Love012345
42.   42. Hate012345
43.   43. Tenderness012345
44.   44. Exuberance012345
45.   45. Meanness012345
46.   46. Insecurity012345
47.   47. Blessedness012345
48.   48. Despair012345
49.   49. Peace012345
50.   50. Overflowing energy012345
51.   51. Anxiety012345
52.   52. Ecstatic Joy012345
53.   53. Intellectual illumination012345
54.   54. Retention of such illumination after the experience012345
55.   55. Sense of being grasped and dealt with012345
56.   56. Sense of awe or awesomeness012345
57.   57. Sense of reverence012345
58.   58. Sense of mysterious fascination in spite of terror or fear (in the sense of a shaking or trembling in the utmost depths of your inner being)012345
59.   59. Sense of the wholly otherness of what was met in the experience012345
60.   60. Sense of your own finitude in contrast to the infinite012345
61.   61. Sense of profound humility before the majesty of what was felt to be sacred or holy012345
62.   62. Sense of presence of what was felt to be holy, sacred, or divine012345
63.   63. Sense of absence of anything that was felt to be holy, sacred, or divine012345
64.   64. Sense that the experience is describable by logical statements which are not contradictory012345
65.   65. Sense that an attempt to describe the experience in logical statements becomes involved in contradictory language012345
66.   66. Sense that the experience cannot adequately be described in words012345
67.   67. Sense that what is experienced forms part of a larger whole012345
68.   68. Paradoxical dissolving of the subject-object dichotomy in spite of the empirical multiplicity of objects (they are still perceived as separate)012345
69.   69. Intuitive experience of the essences of objects012345
70.   70. Sense of unity with these objects012345
71.   71. Felt awareness of the life or living presence in all things012345
72.   72. Paradoxical transcendence of space as defined in 68-71012345
73.   72a. Sense of the loss of the multiplicity of all particular sense impressions012345
74.   73. Pure awareness with no empirical distinctions (i.e., one is beyond the self consciousness of sense impressions, yet one is not unconscious)012345
75.   74. Sense of unity with ultimate reality at the level described by 72a and 73012345
76.   75. Transcendence of time in the sense defined by 72a-74012345
77.   76. Transcendence of space in the sense defined by 72a-74012345
78.   77. Consciousness of a "Beyond" or "More"012345
79.   78. Expansion of usual personal consciousness to other dimensions within the self012345
80.   79. Expansion of usual personal consciousness to other dimensions beyond the self012345
81.   80. Transcendence of time in the sense defined by 77-79012345
82.   81. Transcendence of space in the sense defined by 77-79012345
83.   82. Sense of the presence of God012345
84.   83. Contact or bond with God012345
85.   84. Increased integration of personality012345
86.   85. Disintegration or destructive effects on personality012345
87.   86. New significance to life012345
88.   87. Lessening of significance to life012345
89.   88. Death experience012345
90.   89. Rebirth experience012345
91.   90. Feeling of love toward others012345
92.   91. Feelings of antagonism and hate toward others012345
93.   92. Felt need for some type of service for others012345
94.   93. Actual changes in behavior in ways you would consider constructive and positive012345
95.   94. Sense of increased self-centeredness012345
96.   95. Conversion experience012345
97.   96. Sense of belonging to a new and greater unity012345
98.   97. Sense of subjective delusion012345
99.   98. Confusion of thinking012345
100.   99. Feelings of unreality012345
101.   100. Physical discomfort012345
102.   101. Loss of memory for part of the experience012345
103.   102. Loss of consciousness012345
104.   103. Distortion of visual perception012345
105.   104. Colors more intense012345
106.   105. Visions of colors, geometric patterns, objects, animals, people, scenes012345
107.   106. Seeing colors around heads or bodies of others012345
108.   107. Hearing voices which were not from anyone present or from the loudspeaker012345
109.   108. Unusual odors or scents012345
110.   109. Hunger012345
111.   110. Tears012345
112.   111. Sense of body melting012345
113.   112. Nausea012345
114.   113. Dizziness012345
115.   114. Sensation of floating012345
116.   115. Sense of bodily warmth012345
117.   116. Itching or burning of skin012345
118.   117. Headache012345
119.   118. Coldness012345
120.   119. Sense of being out of the body012345
121.   120. Explosive anger of fury012345
122.   121. Anxious about having to come "out of it."012345
123.   126. Your experience was valuable to you personally012345
124.   127. Your experience was mystical or religious012345
125.   129. Please rate (0-5) the meaningfulness of the service (trip) as a whole012345

Some modifications:
Questions excluded from this Internet questionnaire are 122,123,124,125,128.
122. Did you particularly like or feel close to either of your leaders? Which one?
123. Did you particularly dislike either leader?
124. Did you particularly like or feel close to any participant in the experiment?
125. Did you particularly dislike any participant in the experiment?
128. Do you think you had psilocybin?

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