Psilocybe subviscida

Psilocybe subviscida (Peck) Kauffm


Macroscopic feat.:
  • Cap/Pileus: 0.5-2 cm broad. Campanulate expanding with age to convex umbonate or broadly convex while retaining an obtuse umbo, often variable in form, and at maturity to nearly plane. Margin translucent-striate when moist and sometimes decorated with flecks of veils remnants. Yellowish to chestnut brown to reddish brown, fading in drying to pale grayish yellow and usually with the umbo remaining reddish brown. Surface viscid to subviscid when moist from a separable gelatinous pellicle, soon drying.
  • Gills/Lamellae: Attachment adnate, subdistant, and broad. Whitish at first, soon becoming dark brownish.
  • Stem/Stipe: 20-40 mm long by 1-2 mm thick. Equal to tapering downwards near the base. Surface covered at first with fine whitish fibrils. Partial veil thin to obscure, leaving and evanescent annular zone of fibrils usually darkened by spores when present.

Microscopic feat.:
  • Basidio/Spores: Dark purplish brown in deposit, 6-8.5 by 4-5.4 µm.
  • Basidia: 4-spored.
  • Pleurocistidia: Absent.
  • Cheilocystidia: 20-50 by 5-8 µm, ventricose, then lageniform, with a flexuous neck 2-3.5 µm thick.

Habitat: Usually found growing in grassy areas, in well-manured grounds or in dung. Also reported growing in mossy areas and in decayed conifer substrata. Grows in the late spring to summer, reported from the United States (Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New York) and Scotland (Shetland). Thought to be widely distributed.

Comment: Not active. Since this species can grow on such a wide spectrum of habitats, I would expect that its actual distribution is far more extensive than presently reported. The specimens I have seen have had rubbery textures. See also Psilocybe coprophila, Psilocybe montana, Psilocybe merdaria, Psilocybe moellerii.

source - Paul Stamets "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World"

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