Psilocybe subcaerulipes

Psilocybe subcaerulipes Hongo

Psilocybe argentipes K. Yokoy
Psilocybe taiwanensis E. Horak, Guzmán i Desjardin
Psilocybe thaizapoteca Guzmán, Karunar. i Ram.-Guill

Macroscopic feat.:
  • Cap/Pileus: 2-3 cm broad. Conic to campanulate expanding in age to convex to subumbonate. Surface smooth viscid when wet and striate near the margin. Ochraceous to yellowish brown, sometimes olive toned, hygrophanous from the disc, fading in drying to light straw colored, bruising dark bluish where injured.
  • Gills/Lamellae: Attachment adnate to sinuate, pale brownish to purplish brown to deep violet with concolorous edges.
  • Stem/Stipe: 40-70 mm long by 3-5 mm thick. Equal to slightly enlarging and often curved at the base, flexuous, hollow, and featuring a coating of whitish fibrils in the lower regions. Whitish at first, soon ochraceous or reddish brown, especially towards the base. Partial veil cortinate, fragile, and usually not leaving a fibrillose annular zone on the stem. Flesh bruising bluish where injured.

Microscopic feat.:
  • Basidio/Spores: Dark purplish brown in deposit, subellipsoid in side view; nearly ovoid in face view, 5.5-7.5 (8.5) by 3.3-4.4 (5.5) µm.
  • Basidia: 4-spored.
  • Pleurocistidia: Absent.
  • Cheilocystidia: 15-22 by 5-7.5 µm, fusoid ventricose with an abbreviated or elongated neck 1-1.5 µm thick.

Habitat: Gregarious to cespitose, fruiting from May to September in Japan (Otsu City, Shiga-Prefecture) in soils covered with mosses or grasses in open forests, often under pines, particularly Pinus densiflora.

Comment: Potency unknown, likely to be moderately to highly active. Microscopically nearly identical to Psilocybe caerulipes, but differing in the size of the spores and its ecological distribution. Furthermore, Guzmán (1983) notes that Psilocybe caerulipes may be conspecific with Psilocybe muliercula (=Psilocybe wassonii) as they are difficult to separate taxonomically. Interfertility studies would clear up the question of conspecificity. See also Psilocybe venenata.

source - Paul Stamets "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World"

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