Psilocybe kumaenorum

Psilocybe kumaenorum R.Heim (1967)

Discussion: Psilocybe kumaenorum is known as koull tourroum, kougltourroum or koobl tourroum in Yuwi [Heim 1967] (Yoowi [REAY 1959]), the language of the Kuma (Heim 1967: 186; Heim 1978). However, Heim (1967: 186) suggested that the Kuma used these names for a variety of different mushrooms, so they are possibly of little use in distinguishing P. kumanorum from other mushroom species found at Kondambi.

Macroscopic feat.:
  • Cap/Pileus: 5-7 mm in diameter, peak mamillate and punctate, but not papillate, flattened and very irregular, with an edge largely lobed/notched, often fairly roughly, rolling up tightly at the beginning; at first campanulate and entirely black-brown, then darkish crimson/purple around the circumference (K. 65) with a centre of flesh-coloured cream (128C/153C) or orange colour; sometimes with subtle greenish tones; orange-yellow, cream or light ochre (K. 157'162) or greenish (+ K.245) at the peak of the mamilla; at the edges marked with not very thick but clear stripes of a very dark violet (K.544 dark); very hygrophanous, blanching quickly (cream), as demonstrated by the desiccation of little whitish spots. Flesh brownish, with the scent of flour (Heim 1967: 186).
  • Gills/Lamellae: Firstly cream, then ochre, then mauve/mallow or pale orange-mauve (K.109 light), finally violet with purple tint (+ K.105), at the edges white and remaining so; adnexed. Psilocybe kumaenorum lacks pleurocystidia (Guzmán 1983; Guzmán et al. 1991: 508).
  • Stem/Stipe: Reaching 2.7 cm , 1.3 mm width, 2.5 mm at the base which is lightly but clearly bulging; at first white and marked with fine, very straight longitudinal furrows, of greyish brown, silvery at the top where there are fine remnants of a delicate, silky, white cortina; at the bottom: hollow, with a violet-red cortex, light green on the exterior (K.303 C) or grey tending slightly towards blue (K.325); flesh orange yellow (K.137).
Habitat: Grassy, humid places around the village of Kondambi, circa late August, 1963 (Heim 1967: 186). Psilocybe kumaenorum grows on soil in small groups and in open places among grass (Allen et al. 1991: 65).

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