Psilocybe cubensis „Gulf Coast“

Gulf Coast cubensis generally means it is a wild growing cubensis that grows along ocean bordering states such as Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia etc. Spores from one state can easily travel to the next through birds, farm animals, hurricanes etc... They adapt along the coastal states to the new growing conditions and take up habitat near the warm humid ocean islands. From what I hear.. most people are very satisfied with these GC strains because they are fast colonizers and produce some above average potency. We do hear a lot that some people have a hard time getting them to pin and fruit easily, while other GC strains fruit very easily. We have worked with a lot of different GC strain over the years people have sent us. With so many out their from the coastal states of the U.S.A. we decided to stick with ONE that a good friend of ours has grown over and over and produced excellent results. We compared his results to the strain we were working with and decided he had the best strain of GC cubensis we had seen yet. After our grower -Clyde- worked with it a few times, sure enough we saw some great results and decided to keep it and stop all further work with the other GC strains such as the Alabama GC below. It is believed this one originated from Texas but our friend was not 100% sure on that. So for reference we are calling it T.H.E. GC so as to not get confused with the many other GC strains floating around out there. This one is truly exceptional and we're glad to add it to The Hawks Eye collection of exceptional cubensis strains.
This GC strain does not seem as stubborn as some of the GC strains we have seen in the past. It fruits very easily in a range of temperature conditions from 60F to 90F. For best results we recommend keeping temps around 75F.
Psilocybe cubensis „Gulf Coast Alabama US“
This strain of cubensis was sent to us from a sacred mushroom hunter in Alabama U.S. We originally received the print, it was easily 6 1/2" in diameter. One very large print from a very large mushroom. The hunter said it was one of his favorite strains of cubensis he hunts there in Alabama, and judging from the print size and what we've seen when grown, we can see why.
This strain is a fast colonizer, and very easy to grow. Something unusual about it, was that the mushrooms grew in large clusters of 10-25 mushrooms. 80% of the casing grew this way. Overall, this GC Alabama is a real nice strain, but potency seemed rather low for a cubensis.
This Alabama GC strain fully colonized 1/2 pint finch seed/verm 2:1 ratio in about 16 days from inoculation. Started fruiting within 2 weeks of being cased, using 50/50+ tek. Tends to grow some very thick solid stems and grows in clusters. Grows well in temps ranging from 60F-85F. Not a real heavy spore depositor though, but a very fast growing mushroom.
A nice cluster of GCA's - 23 mushrooms in this cluster.

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Growth parameters:

Various grain types, compost, pasteurised dung/straw
colonisation/fruiting: 28-30°C / 15-32°C
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