Psilocybe crobula

Psilocybe crobula (Fr.) Singer 1962

Geophila crobula (Fr.) Kuhner i Romagnesi
Psilocybe inquilina var. crobulus (Fr.) Høiland


Macroscopic feat.:
  • Cap/Pileus: 0.4-4 cm broad. Convex to broadly convex, expanding to nearly plane with maturity. Dingy brown, hygrophanous, fading to yellowish brown. Surface smooth, translucent-striate, viscid when wet from a separable, gelatinous pellicle. Often adorned with fragile remnants of a veil, soon disappearing.
  • Gills/Lamellae: Attachment adnate, clay to dull rust, with whitish edges.
  • Stem/Stipe: 5-12 mm long by 1-4 mm thick, adorned with distinct fibrillose patches, concolorous with cap, more dark reddish brown near the base and lighter above an annular zone. Partial veil cortinate.

Microscopic feat.:
  • Basidio/Spores: Subellipsoid, thin walled, cigar brown in mass, 6-8 by 3.5-5 µm.
  • Pleurocistidia: Absent.
  • Cheilocystidia: Lageniform to sublageniform, 25-45 µm long.

Habitat: Fruiting in the fall on twigs and other wood debris - not on grass. Reported from the northwestern United States, Great Britain, much of Europe, and Russia. Probably more widely distributed.

Comment: Not known to me as being a psilocybin mushroom. However, Phillips (1981) notes that it is active, without further elaboration or supporting references. Analyses by Høiland's (1978) failed to detect any psilocybin or psilocin. Psilocybe crobula is a small mushroom, which I have always found directly attached to sticks. The fibrillose patches on the stem are quite distinctive, and reminiscent of many small Galerinas. For this reason, I urge caution. See also Psilocybe inquilina, a species similar in its macroscopic features and with which it is often confused, Psilocybe atrobrunnea and Psilocybe washingtonensis. Guzmán and Smith (1978) noted the similarities Psilocybe crobula shares with Psilocybe laticystis and Psilocybe subborealis, two species from the Pacific Northwest.

source - Paul Stamets "Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World"

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